Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homophone dream!

There was a bird sitting on a bough,
a hunter attacked it with his arrow & bow.

Yesterday it was midnight,
but I saw a kingdom knight.

I was pouring tea with a kettle,
right to me was a group of cattle.

I was sleeping on the bed,
I saw a beetle which was red.

Did you find his hair?
But it is here.

I was eating 'Kinder Joy',
kangaroo's young one is called a joey.

By Saud Hashmi
Grade IV

Monday, February 14, 2011

Seminar on "Target IIT" by Mr. Shivakumar

A seminar for the parents and students of classes VII and VIII was taken by Mr.Shivakumar, Director (Academics), Indus World Schools and Founder Director, Career Launcher on Feb 13. What does it take to get into an IIT? What is the right age to start the preparation? How can we combine the child’s regular school and IIT preparation? These were some of the queries that counseling helped clarify to the parents.
Mr. Shiva Kumar felt that parents of students who are naturally inclined to Sciences and Math and have made up their mind on Engineering should definitely think of giving their wards the early start at class IX itself. For the rest it is worth waiting maybe till class XI. He also mentioned that there is no need for 6 hours a day schedule for 4 years to crack IIT JEE. A good grounding in concepts at the school is sufficient to enable this. So a well designed curriculum with able support from the teachers in class VIII and Class IX will ensure that there is no undue pressure on understanding concepts when the student comes to class XI. He clarified how the board exams are different from the JEE. Exit exams like the board exams test the student’s learning at school directly whereas the entrance tests check his ability to apply the concepts in a “new context”. That is what makes them tough. Maybe, IIT is the only test which needs to be focused on as early as class IX.

It was also announced in the session that a new IIT-JEE batch for class IX would be started at Indus World School, which will especially focus on IIT preparation for those who are seriously interested in IIT. Mr. Shivakumar has extended his stay in Indore, after getting a marvelous response. He would be available for one to one counseling sessions from 11:00am to 4:00pm on 14th and 15th Feb, for students preparing for IIT.

Seminar on "Sports as a serious career" & Indus Tennis Open Tournament

A panel discussion on ‘Can sports be a serious career for your child?’, was organized in the Indus World School, Chhawani campus on Feb 06, Sunday. It discussed the merits of sports as a career and parents’ role in encouraging students’ latent talents. The esteemed panel consisted of: Mr. Satyanaryanan, Chairman, Career Launcher; Mr. Vijay Dahiya, Ex Wicket keeper, Indian cricket team and assistant coach, Kolkata Knight Riders; Mr. Amay Khurasia, Ex Cricket player; Mr. Vinay Rishi, Vikram Awardee, Swimming champion and entrepreneur; Mr. Sushil Doshi, famous cricket commentator and Ms. Bindeshwari Singh, National level Squash player and Mentor, Indus World School.
Mr. Sujit Bhattacharya, the technological guiding force at Career Launcher and Indus World School, invited the panelists to share their journey and experiences in the field of sports. This provided interesting insights about their glories and debacles. Although it was difficult to succeed in the field of sports, it taught them to win with humility and lose with dignity. The sports field according to them is the best teacher of discipline, team spirit, time management and how to live life each day.
Questions put forward by parents were answered by the panelists and solutions offered to their queries. “Elbow grease is the best polish”, was quoted by them while emphasizing upon the importance of hard work. The panelists did stress upon the need to give equal importance to academics as well as sports. This was followed by the opening ceremony of the Indus Tennis Open Championship, which marked the inauguration of the newly constructed lawn tennis courts in the school.

The Indus Open Tennis Tournament started at Indus World School on Feb 7, 2011, a day after the inauguration by noted Cricketer and Coach Mr. Vijay Dahiya and other sports personalities, it is noteworthy that they enlightened parents and students on the prospects of sports as a career. Students from various clubs and schools across Indore participated. The enthusiasm and vigour of all the participants gave a very positive start to the tournament.

The tournament had four groups: Under – 15 boys, under – 12 boys, under – 15 girls and under – 10 boys and girls. The final matches were held on 11/02/11. The response to the tournament was tremendous, where more than 70 participants took part from across the city. The prize distribution happened on the same day. Prof.Aaditya Lohana, Director, Indus World Schools and Principal, Smita Rathore gave away the prizes to winners.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

English Debate

On the 9th of February, the four houses sent their candidates to debate on two topics which are probably very close to every student's heart.
Jigyasa 1 students debated on 'Our school uniform should be changed' while the Jigyasa 2 and Sadhana 1 children debated on 'Homework should be made voluntary'.
The judges were Mrs. Bhavna Mulani and Ms. Bindeswari Singh.
Sara Hashmi of Class IV conducted the programme.
The results
Jigyasa 1
Best Speaker (Favour): Saud Hashmi - Class IV - Prithvi
Runner Up (Favour): Yogya Dubey - Class IV - Agni
Best Speaker (Against): Devpoojit Verma - Class IV - Vayu
Runner Up (Against): Sayali Pingle - Class V - Jal

Jigyasa 2 and Sadhana 1
Best Speaker (Favour): Tushit Joshi - Class VII - Agni House
Runner Up (Favour): Navya Shrivastava - Class VI - Prithvi House
Best Speaker (Against): Arundhati Singh - Class VIII - Vayu House
Runner Up (Against): Siddhant Jain - Class VII - Agni House

Click Here to view pictures of the event.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


At Indus World School, each class is not known merely by an alphabet like Section A, B or C. Each class has a meaningful name.
A section of Class V is called Purvai. The children wrote a song on what Purvai means to them and presented it in the morning assembly.

Purvai means air
Opposing us don't dare
For each other we care
In our class there are player

Purvai means air
Opposing us don't dare
To each other we are fair
We stop each others tears

Purvai means air
Opposing us don't dare
We are the ones who share
We are the ones who cheer

Purvai means air
Opposing us don't dare
We are the ones who never scare
No ones like Purvai air

Purvai means air (2)
We are like a family (4)

We both decided to make Purvai song as we were inspired by class 8 Vasant. When they made their Vasant song, we thought of making Purvai song.
Lyrics of this song were made in just one day only. We both felt proud. Before making this song we both thought that how can a class be a good class and our class got inspired from this song and yes there are many things in this song which we follow. We gave our 100% in making this song. We both also composed this song. We thank Tushita didi (Class VII Prachi) for her help in making the lyrics and Sunil sir and Bhagyashree maam for helping us in making this song much better. This was a really memorable experience.
Ishita and Kashish

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ever seen a bicycle with square wheels

In the Math Week celebrations at the school, one of the most intriguing sights was the Indus Square Wheel Bicycle. Most people were amazed to see the cycle. But making it was actually the easiest part. The difficult part was to design its road! It looks like a speed breaker, but has to be very accurate in terms of the shape and size of the curves.

Can you think of a road for a triangular wheels? And what if the triangle was not equilateral? What if it was a right-angled isosceles triangle?

There were quite a few interesting and exciting questions answered in the Math Week that we don't really come across in our Math books. But that's exactly what makes us so different in our approach, isn't it?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrating Math: The Indus Math Challenge-2011

We believe in posing hard questions to ourselves, and Math is no exception. Last week we concluded our annual ritual of celebrating Math in our daily lives.

We will post a lot more about the Math week, but right now, it is time to throw the Math Challenge Test open to all of you. This written test was followed by a uniquely designed Active Learning Test (ALT). While the Written Test tested a student on the theory and its applications, the ALT combined Math with the real learning environment by asking students to "perform" Math. We will post the ALT components very soon.

The results of the test are as below:

Indus Math Challenge Top Performers
SchoolClassRoll No.NameWritten Marks (60)ALT Marks (40)Total Marks (100)
St Paul3309BaibhavPadhy232447
Agarwal Public School3302SourabhKarara192443
Agarwal Public School3312ParthGoyal261642
St Paul3316PrakharJain221638
St Raphels3325ChitrashriBhargava201636
St Raphels3303AlkhaParida23831
SchoolClassRoll No.NameWritten Marks (60)ALT Marks (40)Total Marks (100)
Satya Sai4412KhushiVaswani253257
Satya Sai4411SakshiAgrawal411657
St Raphels4406ShivangiNaberia201636
St. Arnold's4425AtharvaNarwane201636
SchoolClassRoll No.NameWritten Marks (60)ALT Marks (40)Total Marks (100)
Choithram 5510SamyakShah512475
Choitram Manik Bagh5522RishwajeetSingh262450
St. Paul5519AyushSingh281644
St. Paul5520BhoumikParmar271643
Choithram 5526AnoushkaAcharya271643
Shishu Kunj 5516HimanshuLunia33841
Choitram Manik Bagh5531HarshwardhanBhatnagar25833
SchoolClassRoll No.NameWritten Marks (60)ALT Marks (40)Total Marks (100)
Vidya Bhavans6620AnanySharma44852
St Raphels6624SommyaNaberia39847
Satya Sai6617MansiAgarwal211637
SchoolClassRoll No.NameWritten Marks (60)ALT Marks (40)Total Marks (100)
Queens college7709DivyaGoyal332457
Shree Vaishnav7719JasdeepChhabra33841
St. Norbert7710ChaitraJaori31839
Vidya Bhawans7711AtharvaRangnekar29837
St Raphels7705IshaMudgal27835
Keshav Vidhyapeeth7703KarnikaMohta102434
SchoolClassRoll No.NameWritten Marks (60)ALT Marks (40)Total Marks (100)
Choithram 8802PrakharSaxena35843
Mata Gujri8813GunjanSachdev31839
Shree Bal Vinay8811MahimaKumawat29837
Shri Satya Sai8804AvaniMangal29837
St Paul8805AnushumanPatankar27835
Shri Cloth market8809KomalGoud24832
SchoolClassRoll No.NameWritten Marks (60)ALT Marks (40)Total Marks (100)
Shri Satya Sai9925AishwarySoni412465
St Paul9916PranayShah32840
Little Wonder9918DeepaliGarg30838
St Joseph9902AishwaryShrivastava201636
Brilliant Higher 9922KishoreBindrani28836
Cloth Market9914ShailendraRajawat27835

Top 3 students in each class will be awarded the medals. Medals can be collected from Indus World School Chhawani Campus.

Indus World School students, being the hosts, didn't participate in the tests. But they took the tests yesterday. We should be able to get their results very soon.

If you want to write the Written Test, please download the right paper, and print it. Each paper includes a set of instructions. There are 3 subsets of 5 questions each with 3, 4 and 5 points each.

Class III
Class IV
Class V
Class VI
Class VII
Class VIII
Class IX

Once you have solved them, you could come back here for any doubts in questions. We will be glad to solve them, provided you have put in your best effort!

All the best!

The Indus Mentors

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Famous 30 on a trip

That day, some exciting news awaited us...

Manjeet sir came in smiling and asked what if we were taken 1000 km away from the city?
wooo hooo EVERYONE shouted. With questions the class was crowded. We were curious to know where we were going and questions were thrown from each corner of the class. When the class was over, all were discussing about where we are going and the only word from every corner was the word 'trip'. All were excited. Wishing that we could go on the excursion as early as possible.
Then, a week later we got a circular about the excursion in which it was written that we were going for an excursion to Kolad on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. Again the babble broke out. Many started to jump around the class and then everybody started planning about the trip and forgot whether parents would allow them to go.
When they went back home and asked the parents, many were allowed to go but some weren't so next day when all children came back to school and discussed who was coming and who was not coming there were around 6 to 10 children who weren't coming so we all children and Manjeet sir spoke to the parents and convinced them. Many still could not come. A lot of coaxing and cajoling later most were allowed. Sadly two of us weren't. :(
Finally, it was the day to leave for Kolad.
Oh my god!!!
Already seven o' clock!!!
I have to pack!!!
Mom where's my comb?!!!
Where's my haversack?!!!
We were very excited and kept our moms busy helping us shop, pack, making dinner for us...
When the time came to say bye to our parents we reached school and met our friends and started planning what we will do in the bus and telling what we had got. Class VI was already coming with us. At the last moment, Class IX had also joined the bandwagon! (So, in reality, the title should read "Famous 60 on a trip")
We enjoyed in the bus eating chips and snacks (There was enough to start our own wholesale shop) When night fell, we had dinner and looking out the windows we had lots of bumps in our heads.
8:30 onwards began a slew of horror stories. All the lights were switched off to add to the effect. Thomson sir and Manjeet sir told us many horror stories and then there was no stopping even the children. 12:00'o clock midnight we all were trying to sleep but some naughty kids (and the ghosts from the stories) didnt let us sleep.
Once again began the series of another set of horror stories. And this time when the 'naughty kids' tried to sleep, no one allowed them to sleep! It was great fun! Sleep didn't come before 3-4 am.
In the morning we reached Pune and took another bus. All were tired of continuous travelling but still had the energy to play something. Around 4 in the evening, the bus stopped at Kashid beach and everyone had a dip in the sea and enjoyed a lot. We had snacks and took the bus and reached our camp. We crossed river Kundalika by boat and reached the camp and saw the beauty of the camp and relaxed. We changed our clothes and then were told to go to the open area where a 'mallkhamb' presentation was given. Then we had dinner and went to our cottages and dormitory. All slept peacefully. Well, almost because we were still full of energy and couldn't help making the most of being on our own with our friends.
Second day morning we met our friends from Raipur who had arrived late in the night. After breakfast we were divided into groups and then there were a range of activities lined up. Karate in which we got to know animals attacking postures. We went for river trail and saw the mango plants. Rivercrossing was what we enjoyed the most. We wished to stay in water for all time but sadly we could not. Next was a live interaction with snakes. In the evening one group did team work activity and another helped the gardener pluck vegetables.
In the night, it was time for campfire. In nine groups we prepared presentations. We walked through the night to reach the campfire. The presentations were a lot of fun. And they also conveyed the message of unity and oneness. We also made new friends with children from Raipur.
We had to leave early the next morning so we got down to packing our things after having dinner. It being the last night at the camp, sleep didn't come easily. We were awake till late in the night and yet we were up early. (I am sure our parents will find it a little difficult to believe) by 8 in the morning we were all set to go!
We were feeling bad also because we had enjoyed a lot. Again we crossed Kundalika. We exchanged phone numbers with the Raipur IWS friends and sadly said goodbyee to them and went to the bus. The spirits revived again in the bus and we started playing antaakshri. Our next stop was the Pepsi bottling factory. We saw how Pepsi is made and bottled. We also got to relish the aerated drink!
Two hours of bus journey later, we reached Jhanjira fort. Amazingly, Jhanjira fort is surrounded by sea on all sides. We went there on a sail boat. All sixty of us fit into one boat and reached there after 15 mins. We got to know a lot about that fort. It is said that it had India's 3rd biggest cannon. We even saw it.
Back in the bus on our way to Pune we played antakshri. This time it was a grade VI vs grade VII challenge. There were some special rules like not insulting or teasing during the game. Both the teams were also allowed to help each other. Antaakshri continued for more than 4 hours. It was at 12 midnight that we reached Pune.
We changed our bus for Indore. Some slept and some didnt sleep for the whole night. We played games and had a lot of fun. Before reaching Indore we all sang songs together and were feeling really bad that the trip was coming to and end. We reached school at 7 pm, eager to meet our parents but also longing to go to the camp again. We said goodbyes to our friends and went back home narrating our adventures of the trip.

Click here to view pictures of our adventures.

Written by
Tushita Joshi and Urvashi Shriwas
Class VII